Turn App Services Off or On

  • how-to
    You can turn your App Services off to save costs. To resume operations, turn it back on.


    Turn off an App Service to temporarily deactivate it and reduce its consumption of compute resources. When you turn off an App Service, the App Service itself and its related infrastructure will be removed.

    When you turn off your database, your linked app services are also turned off.

    Turn App Services On/Off

    To turn your app services on or off:

    1. Log in to your account and click App Services.

    2. Click your app service in the list to go to your app service page.

    3. Click on the Settings tab.

    4. Scroll down to App Service On/Off and click Turn On/Off App Service.

    5. In the confirmation window, type "yes" to confirm, and click Yes, Proceed.

      Turning on or off app service operations will take a few minutes.

    Capella will automatically close any ongoing client connections. Your linked database will not automatically turn off. Turn off your linked database through your Database Settings.

    When you turn on your App Service, all previously configured App Endpoints are restored automatically.