In Couchbase Capella, you are billed for the size and number of clusters in your organization.

      Billing occurs at the organization level. Billing settings apply to all projects and clusters within an organization. Any user with the Organization Owner role can configure billing settings and view costs at both the organization level, as well as at the project and cluster levels.

      How Your Bill is Calculated

      Couchbase Capella charges by the clock hour for Couchbase clusters. Each cluster costs an individual hourly rate based on its size (number of logical cores and amount of RAM) as well as its selected Service Plan. If you change a cluster’s size or Service Plan after initial deployment, the hourly rate will increase or decrease commensurate with the changes.

      Couchbase Capella deployed in your own cloud does not bill you for cloud infrastructure costs, such as compute, storage, and data transfer. In these deployments, Couchbase clusters run in your own connected cloud, and thus infrastructure costs are billed to you by your respective cloud provider(s).

      A cluster becomes billable once it is successfully deployed and enters a running state. You are billed for each clock hour in which the cluster runs. For example, if a cluster were to begin running at 10:30, and then stop running at 11:30 on the same day, the result would be two billable hours since the cluster was running during two clock hours.

      All hourly cluster charges are tabulated daily. This means that the hourly charges for the current day are not reflected in your organization’s balance until the next calendar day. All tabulated daily usage is reported into monthly usage periods that align with each calendar month. A Usage Summary is provided for each monthly usage period, breaking down all of the billable cluster usage that occurred during each month.

      Organizations that pay on-demand are billed per monthly usage period. Organizations that pay up-front will see cluster charges deducted from their remaining balance after each day’s tabulation.

      Since the organizations that pay up-front are charged after each calendar day, the monthly usage periods serve only as a reporting function for those organizations — not a monthly bill. An exception to this is when an organization runs out of pre-paid Couchbase Capella Credits. In that case, the organization may fall back to paying on-demand, and may receive a bill for any on-demand usage that occurred during a monthly usage period, which would then need to be paid in arrears.

      Couchbase Capella Credits

      All charges in Couchbase Capella are billed in Couchbase Capella Credits. Couchbase Capella Credits are purchased from Couchbase Sales, and can be paid for up-front or on-demand. You will use an Activation ID to enable Couchbase Capella Credits in your organization.

      AWS Marketplace Payments

      Couchbase Capella can be purchased and billed through AWS Marketplace. The same payment methods described in the sections below also apply to AWS Marketplace purchases — the only difference being that invoices and payments are managed directly through your AWS account.

      For more information about purchasing Couchbase Capella through the AWS Marketplace, please contact Couchbase Sales.

      Up-Front Payments

      When purchased up-front, Couchbase Capella Credits are deposited in your organization’s account, giving your organization a positive balance of credits. These are known as pre-paid credits. This balance is drawn down over time based on usage. The balance is updated once per calendar day to reflect the previous calendar day’s cumulative usage across all clusters in your organization.

      Additional credits must be purchased and deposited into your organization’s account before the balance reaches zero, or before the current credits expire, whichever happens first. An invoice for the purchased credits, denominated in the currency-equivalent outlined in your purchase agreement, will be sent to your organization’s billing contact for payment.

      On-Demand Payments

      If paying on-demand, your organization is not required to keep a positive balance of Couchbase Capella Credits. Instead, your organization is billed in arrears for the Couchbase Capella Credits that were used in the previous calendar month.

      Once a new calendar month begins, you can review the previous month’s Usage Summary to see all of the billable usage that occurred in your organization, denominated in Couchbase Capella Credits. An invoice for this usage, denominated in the currency-equivalent outlined in your purchase agreement, will then be sent to your organization’s billing contact for payment.

      Activation IDs

      An Activation ID is required in order to start using Couchbase Capella Credits for deploying clusters. An Activation ID will be emailed to your billing contact after you either complete a purchase agreement with Couchbase Sales, or you register for a Free Trial. Once you receive your Activation ID, you will then need to add it to your organization to enable Couchbase Capella Credits.

      If you paid for Couchbase Capella Credits up-front, adding the Activation ID to your organization will deposit your purchased Couchbase Capella Credits into your organization’s account. Once the credits are successfully deposited, you can immediately start spending them on deploying clusters.

      If you are paying on-demand for Couchbase Capella Credits, adding the Activation ID to your organization will enable you to immediately start spending credits on deploying clusters. Your organization will pay for these credits in arrears for each calendar month of usage.

      If you registered for a Free Trial, your Activation ID will deposit a set number of Couchbase Capella Credits into your organization’s account.

      This is the same as the up-front payment model, except that the credits will expire at the end of the trial period.

      Service Plans

      All clusters in an organization must be on a Service Plan. When you create a cluster, you will select an available plan for that cluster. The plan that you choose for a cluster determines its capabilities and the level of support it can receive. You can change a cluster’s plan at any time.

      There are two types of Service Plans:

      Free Trial and Basic Service Plan

      The Basic service plan is available with the free trial of Couchbase Capella, hosted by Couchbase.

      A Trial Activation ID comes with a limited number of Couchbase Capella Credits that can be spent on clusters. These credits are valid for a limited amount of time (typically 30 days), after which they expire. During the trial period, you can spend these credits on deploying any number of clusters, with no restrictions on size or functionality.

      However, it’s important to note that, similar to paid plans, clusters on the Free Trial Service Plan cost an hourly rate that varies based on the size of the cluster. This rate is deducted from the balance of Couchbase Capella Credits that come with the Trial Activation ID. Therefore, you should be judicious in the size and number of clusters that you deploy, so as not to exhaust all of your Couchbase Capella Credits before you are done trialing Couchbase Capella. Deploying fewer, smaller clusters will use fewer Couchbase Capella Credits than deploying a great number of large clusters.

      Once all of the Couchbase Capella Credits from a Trial Activation ID have been exhausted — or when any remaining credits expire (whichever happens first) — all clusters currently on the Free Trial plan will automatically be suspended. When a cluster is suspended, you will no longer be able to read or write data on it. You have the option of deleting suspended clusters, or re-enabling them by activating a Paid Activation ID.

      Support is available via Couchbase forums only, on a best effort basis.

      Paid Service Plans are available for organizations that are using a Paid Activation ID. If your organization is currently using a Paid Activation ID, the paid plans will be selectable when creating clusters. (Note that the Basic, or Free Trial, plans are not available if your organization is using a Paid Activation ID.)

      Paid plans are required for perpetual use of Couchbase Capella, and come with traditional levels of support. The plan that you choose for a cluster determines its capabilities and the level of support it can receive. You can change a cluster’s plan at any time.

      Details of all the available Service Plans can be found on the Capella Support Policy page.