Billing Overview

      In Couchbase Capella, you are billed for the size and number of databases in your organization.

      All billing in Couchbase Capella happens at the organization level.

      Your billing settings apply to all projects and databases in your organization.

      If you have the Organization Owner role, you can configure billing settings and view costs for your organization.

      How Your Bill Is Calculated

      Couchbase charges by the clock hour for Capella databases. A database’s individual hourly rate is based on:

      • Its size, which is determined by its number of logical cores and amount of RAM.

      • Its selected Plan.

      You can change a database’s size or change its Service Plan after its deployment. The hourly rate for that database increases or decreases based on your changes.

      After a database is successfully deployed and enters a running state, it becomes billable. You’re billed for each clock hour that the database runs.

      For example, if your database ran at 10:30 and stopped at 11:30 on the same day, you would be billed for two hours, since the database ran during two clock hours.

      All database charges are calculated daily. Any hourly charges for the current day are reflected in your organization’s balance on the next calendar day. Daily usage is reported in monthly usage periods for each calendar month.

      Your usage and payment depends on your payment method for Couchbase Capella Credits:

      • If you choose to pay on-demand, your organization is billed for each monthly usage period.

      • If you choose to pay up-front, your organization sees its database charges deducted from your remaining credit balance each day.

      If you pay up-front, you’re charged after each calendar day. Your monthly usage periods are used for reporting purposes only, unless you run out of pre-paid Couchbase Capella Credits. If you run out of Credits, you can choose to pay on-demand and receive a bill for any on-demand usage that occurred during a monthly usage period. You’ll need to pay this bill in arrears.

      Couchbase Capella Credits

      Couchbase Capella bills your database usage in Couchbase Capella Credits.

      You can purchase Credits from Couchbase Sales and pay up-front or on-demand.

      To enable credit purchases for your organization, you need an Activation ID for your organization.

      Couchbase Capella can be purchased and billed through the AWS Marketplace. You can use the same payment methods for AWS Marketplace purchases and manage invoices and payments through your AWS account.

      For more information about how to purchase Couchbase Capella Credits through the AWS Marketplace, please contact Couchbase Sales.

      Up-Front Payments

      You can purchase Couchbase Capella Credits up-front. Credits are deposited in your organization’s account to give you a positive credit balance.

      These Credits are called pre-paid Credits in the Couchbase Capella UI. Capella draws from these Credits based on your database usage.

      Your credit balance is updated once per calendar day and reflects the previous day’s cumulative usage, across all databases in your organization.

      You must purchase and deposit additional Credits into your organization’s account before your credit balance reaches zero, or your Credits expire.

      Couchbase sends an invoice to your organization’s billing contact for the purchased Credits based on the currency-equivalent outlined in your purchase agreement.

      On-Demand Payments

      You can purchase Couchbase Capella Credits on-demand. If you choose to pay on-demand, your organization doesn’t need to keep a positive balance of Credits. Your organization is billed in arrears based on the Couchbase Capella Credits you used in the previous calendar month.

      At the start of a new calendar month, you can review your previous month’s usage, denominated in Couchbase Capella Credits.

      Couchbase sends an invoice for your usage to your organization’s billing contact based on the currency-equivalent outlined in your purchase agreement.

      Free Trial

      Couchbase Capella includes a 30 day free trial with a mid-point check in. At the mid-point check in, you are prompted to extend your free trial to 30 days from when it started. Your free trial ends If you do not extend at the mid-point check in.

      To upgrade from a free trial, you need an Activation ID. To obtain an Activation ID, contact us.

      Purchased Couchbase Capella credits are automatically added to your Organization.

      A database’s Service Plan determines its capabilities and its support level. You can change a database’s plan at any time.

      For more information about how to change a database’s plan, see Change a Database’s Plan and Support Timezone.

      For more information about the available Service Plans for Couchbase Capella, see the Capella Support Policy.