Projects Overview

      Projects contain and allow access to Couchbase databases.

      Within organizations, projects are used to organize and manage groups of Couchbase databases. An organization can contain any number of projects, and a project can contain any number of databases.

      A database must be contained within a single project. Therefore, you must create at least one project before you can create a database. When you create a database, you’ll be required to select a project for it to be contained in.

      The main purpose of a project is to manage access to a particular set of databases. Organization users can access the databases within a project once they have been added as members of the project.

      Members of a project are assigned project roles which determine the privileges those users have within the scope of the project. These privileges determine whether a project member can perform activities such as creating and managing databases in the project, or simply accessing and monitoring those databases.

      By using projects to organize your databases, you have the flexibility to do things like:

      • Create separate environments for production and development

      • Group databases by application or geo-locality

      • Apply different security and data management policies to different groups of databases.

      Administering Projects