Couchbase Cloud Release Notes


    30 November 2020 Release

    • Introduces the Couchbase Analytics Service

      The Analytics Service provides a parallel data-management capability that enables you to run complex analytical queries. It supports large join, set, aggregation, and grouping operations, any of which may result in long running queries, high CPU usage, high memory consumption, and/or excessive network latency due to data fetching and cross node coordination.

      • The Analytics service can be added to new and existing clusters.

      • For a cluster with Analytics Service deployed, N1QL for Analytics queries can be issued using the Couchbase SDK and the interactive Analytics Workbench Analytics.

    • Introduces the Couchbase Eventing Service

      The Eventing Service provides a framework to operate on changes to data in real time and streamline your business workflows.

      Events are changes to data in the Couchbase cluster. Couchbase Eventing Functions, also referred to as Functions or Handlers, offer a computing paradigm that developers can use to handle data changes. In the Couchbase cluster, you can use the Functions to process and respond to data-changes according to an Event-Condition-Action model.

    • Introduces a 30-day free trial of Couchbase Cloud

      By signing up for a 30-day free trial of Couchbase Cloud, you can deploy the Quick Start 30-day Trial template that is ideal to evaluate all Couchbase services.

    • Adds support for AWS APAC regions.

    30 September 2020 Release

    The September release of Couchbase Cloud adds more features to the Search Service, and brings improvements to user management, charting, and metrics.

    • Updates the Search Service

      • The following Full Text Index settings can now be configured via the Couchbase Cloud UI:

      • When making configuration changes to a Full Text Index, the changes are now stored in browser memory until definitively submitted using the new Save Index button on the index’s configuration page. This ensures that the index is only rebuilt once all desired configuration changes have been made.

      • When searching a Full Text Index via the Couchbase Cloud UI, search results are now enhanced with highlighting, scoring, pagination, timeouts, consistency levels, consistency vectors, viewing docs from the result set, and time taken for execution.

      • The cluster’s Tools > Full Text Search tab in the Couchbase Cloud UI now displays document counts and indexing progress for Full Text Indexes.

      • Statistics can be viewed for individual Full Text Indexes via the Couchbase Cloud UI.

      • Relevant documentation links have been added to various areas of the cluster’s Tools > Full Text Search tab in the Couchbase Cloud UI.

    • Introduces proactive alerts within the Couchbase Cloud UI

      When an issue is automatically detected within a Couchbase Cloud-managed cluster, the Couchbase Cloud UI displays the details of the issue and enables you to be better informed about the overall health of the cluster and provides an option to contact Support with the details of the issue.

    • User management

      • Improvements to user management to resolve bugs and improve the user experience when adding one or more users to Couchbase Cloud or your clusters and buckets.

      • Improved permission workflow in Couchbase Cloud, which enables users to directly edit their accounts to take corrective action.

      • Support to include NIST Guidelines for user session timeouts.

    • Monitoring and Metrics Charts

      • Syncing the mouse-over behavior across charts.

      • Performance improvements for charts.

    • Other improvements

      • When configuring allowed IP addresses for a cluster, you can now specify IP address ranges.

      • Improved error message to guide user action when attempting to delete a cloud that contains one or more clusters.

      • UI performance has been improved by reducing network activity to backend APIs through the implementation of improved polling techniques.

    31 August 2020 Release

    • Introduces the Couchbase Search Service.

      The Search Service — also referred to as Full Text Search (or FTS) — provides extensive capabilities for natural-language querying. Deploying the Search Service on a cluster allows you to create, manage, and query specially purposed indexes that enable Google-like search capabilities on JSON documents within a bucket.

      • The Search Service can be added to new and existing clusters.

      • Full Text Indexes can be created, managed, and queried from the Couchbase Cloud UI.

        The following Search Service features are available in the UI:

        • Create and manage Full Text Indexes

        • Configure advanced index options

        • Add and manage type mappings

        • Import/export Full Text Index definitions

        • Query Full Text Indexes and view returned documents

        The following advanced Search Service features are not currently available in the UI:

        • Adding analyzers, custom filters, and data/time parsers; rearranging type mapping configurations; editing advanced index options; viewing service-specific FTS metrics

    • Introduces billing integration with AWS Marketplace.

      • Couchbase Cloud can now optionally be purchased through AWS Marketplace.

      • When purchasing through AWS Marketplace, invoices and payments for the Couchbase Cloud service are handled directly by AWS, allowing for consolidated billing alongside your infrastructure.

      For more information about purchasing Couchbase Cloud through the AWS Marketplace, please contact Couchbase Sales. You can also refer to the Couchbase Cloud Credits documentation for additional information regarding supported payment methods.