Couchbase Cloud Release Notes


    31 August 2020 Release

    • Introduces the Couchbase Search Service.

      The Search Service — also referred to as Full Text Search (or FTS) — provides extensive capabilities for natural-language querying. Deploying the Search Service on a cluster allows you to create, manage, and query specially purposed indexes that enable Google-like search capabilities on JSON documents within a bucket.

      • The Search Service can be added to new and existing clusters.

      • Full Text Indexes can be created, managed, and queried from the Couchbase Cloud UI.

        The following Search Service features are available in the UI:

        • Create and manage Full Text Indexes

        • Configure advanced index options

        • Add and manage type mappings

        • Import/export Full Text Index definitions

        • Query Full Text Indexes and view returned documents

        The following advanced Search Service features are not currently available in the UI:

        • Adding analyzers, custom filters, and data/time parsers; rearranging type mapping configurations; editing advanced index options; viewing service-specific FTS metrics

    • Introduces billing integration with AWS Marketplace.

      • Couchbase Cloud can now optionally be purchased through AWS Marketplace.

      • When purchasing through AWS Marketplace, invoices and payments for the Couchbase Cloud service are handled directly by AWS, allowing for consolidated billing alongside your infrastructure.

      For more information about purchasing Couchbase Cloud through the AWS Marketplace, please contact Couchbase Sales. You can also refer to the Couchbase Cloud Credits documentation for additional information regarding supported payment methods.