Upgrade Your Account

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    Add an Activation ID to upgrade from a free trial account and access all Couchbase Capella features.
    If you don’t have a Couchbase Capella account, see Create a Free Account and Deploy Your Database for instructions on how to start a free trial.

    A free trial comes with a limited number of Couchbase Capella credits that you can spend on a database. After you spend the available credits, or they expire, Capella automatically suspends your trial database.

    You can’t read or write data to a suspended database.

    To upgrade from a free trial to a paid plan in Capella, you need to add an Activation ID to your organization.

    Add an Activation ID

    To add an Activation ID to your organization:

    1. To return to your organization, click the Couchbase Capella logo.

    2. Go to Settings  Upgrade.

    3. (Optional) If you don’t have an Activation ID, click Contact Couchbase.

      1. In the Contact Us form, enter the following information:

        1. Your First Name.

        2. Your Last Name.

        3. Your Email Address.

        4. Your Company Name.

        5. Your Preferred method of contact.

        6. Your Activation ID request.

    4. In the Activation ID field, enter your Activation ID from Couchbase Sales.

    5. Click Upgrade Now.

      You can also enter your Activation ID from the upgrade banner:

      1. Click Enter Activation ID.

      2. In the Upgrade Activation ID field, enter your Activation ID.

      3. Click Submit

    After you add an Activation ID, the Payment and Usage pages show your billing information based on your payment plan.

    Next Steps

    • If you need to purchase Couchbase Cloud Credits for your organization, contact Couchbase Sales.

      • If you chose to pay on-demand for credits, you can start using a database right away.

      • If you chose to pay up-front for credits, your credits must be deposited into your account before you can use a database.

    • If you still need to deploy a database, see Create a Database.