Request Support

      You can request support through the Couchbase Capella UI.

      Requesting Support Through the Couchbase Capella UI

      Support tickets are created and managed on the Support tab. A summary of the organization’s support tickets is displayed here.

      Support tickets can be viewed and created by any user with the Organization Member role.

      Support Ticket Summary

      The Support tab shows a summary of the organization’s open and solved support tickets.

      The following information is shown for each support ticket:

      Information Description


      A unique identification number for the support ticket, which can be used for reference in communications with Couchbase Capella Support staff.


      The current status of the support ticket.


      The subject of the issue, specified by the user who created the support ticket.


      The importance of the issue.


      The organization user that was specified as the Requester when the support ticket was created.


      The date and time when the issue was created.


      The timestamp of the last activity associated with the ticket. Activity is classified as any updates made to the ticket by users in your organization, Couchbase Capella Support staff, or Couchbase Capella Support automation.

      Create a Support Ticket

      You can expect a response from Couchbase Capella Support in accordance with the database’s Support Plan and Support Time Zone.

      To create a support ticket:

      1. Do one of the following:

        • Go to your organization and click the Support tab.

        • Next to your user profile, click Support Resources (?)  Support

      2. Click Create Support Ticket.

      3. Configure the Create Support Ticket fields to describe your issue.

        Field Description


        Enter a concise subject that summarizes the overall issue and/or the type of support that you are requesting.


        Enter a detailed description of your issue.


        Select an available category that best fits your issue.


        Select the level of impact that the issue is having in your environment.


        Select either the project that is associated with the issue, or the project that contains a database that is experiencing the issue. Only the projects of which you are a member display in this menu.


        Select the database that is associated with the issue. Only databases from the project that you selected in the Project drop-down display in this menu.

        SDK Type

        If the issue is about interactions between a database and your application, select the language and version of the Couchbase SDK that your application is using.

        Choose a file

        Click Choose a file and attach it to the issue, or drag and drop to add a file.

      4. Click Create.

        The newly-created ticket displays in the support ticket summary.