Support Overview

      Couchbase Capella offers multiple levels of support for each database.
      To ask for assistance, see Request Support.

      All databases in Couchbase Capella must have an associated Service Plan. For the free Self-Service trial, support is provided on the Basic plan on a best-effort basis through the Couchbase forums. Different Service Plans are available. You can select a plan per database.

      When deploying a database, you need to select a Service Plan and a Support Time Zone for the database.

      The plan you select determines:

      • The hourly price that you are billed for that database.

      • The level of support that the database is entitled to.

      The Support Time Zone that you select determines when the time window for human support begins and ends for databases that aren’t on a plan that comes with 24x7 support.

      Database Service Plan Levels

      Each Service Plan comes with entitlements to different levels of support. Databases on the Enterprise Plan receive 24x7 human support and the fastest guaranteed support response time. Databases on the Developer Pro plan receive a lower guaranteed support response time.

      Where there is a time window for human support (as opposed to 24x7 support), the time window begins and ends based on the database’s Support Time Zone.

      To upgrade or downgrade a database to a particular Service Plan, see Change a Database’s Plan.

      See the Capella Support Policy page for full conditions on the following paid Service Plans:

      Service Plan Description

      Developer Pro

      Use for production-ready applications with a 99.99% uptime SLA.

      Enterprise Service Plan

      Use for mission critical applications, covering all services with the fastest support response time.

      Support Time Zones

      In addition to selecting a Service Plan for each database, you will also select a Support Time Zone. The time zone that you select primarily affects databases that are on a Service Plan that comes with a support time window.

      If a database’s Service Plan comes with a support time window of 9:00am - 5:00pm for P3 and P4 issues, then selecting Pacific Time for the Support Time Zone means that you can receive support for these issues, for that database, between 9:00am - 5:00pm PT (4:00pm - 12:00am GMT).

      Couchbase Capella makes available a select number of Support Time Zones to choose from. Select the Support Time Zone that is most appropriate for each database. For example, when database administrators can interact with Couchbase Capella Support staff.

      A database’s Support Time Zone is initially set when the database is created. To modify the Support Time Zone, see Change a Database’s Support Timezone.

      Log Handling

      Couchbase Capella maintains a centralized log management system for the collection, storage, and analysis of log data. Logs include both infrastructure and Couchbase logs, and are used for health monitoring, troubleshooting, and security purposes.

      Internal alerts are configured on databases to notify Couchbase Capella Support staff of any operational concerns. When you open a support ticket, or when an internal alert is created for the database, a full log collection is automatically triggered. These logs are copied over from your cloud storage to a secure Couchbase Capella storage bucket for triage purposes. Logs are automatically purged from Couchbase’s storage after 90 days.