Project Roles

    Project roles are used to grant privileges to project members.

    Each member of a project is assigned a project role that determines what privileges they have within the project. Project roles are separate from organization roles, which grant overall privileges to Couchbase Cloud. Project roles are also separate from database permissions, which grant access to cluster data.

    The following table describes the available project roles and their associated privileges.

    Table 1. Project Roles
    Role Description

    Project Edit

    Grants the following privileges within the project:

    • All privileges granted by the Project View role

    • Create and manage clusters

      • Edit cluster configurations and settings

      • Manage cluster services, including cluster scaling

      • Manage replications

      • Manage backups

      • Restore from backups

      • Configure allowed IP addresses

      • Create and manage buckets

    • Create and manage database users for the clusters in the project

    • Manage project members and their roles

    • Delete the project

    A user with the Organization Admin role automatically has Project Edit privileges for all projects in the organization.

    A project must have at least one user with the Project Edit role at all times.

    Project View

    Grants the following privileges within the project:

    • View all clusters in the project

      • View cluster activity, statistics, and logs

      • View cluster configuration details and settings

      • View replications and their configurations

      • View backup configuration and saved backups

      • View ongoing restores

      • View allowed IP addresses

      • View database users and their roles

      • View cluster certificates

    • View database users for the clusters in the project

    • View members of the project and their roles

    • View project activity