Delete a Database

      Deleting a database securely deletes all data.


      Permissions Required
      You need the Project Owner or Project Manager role for the project containing the database you’re deleting.


      • Deleting a database deletes all of its data.

      • Deleting a database deletes its backups.

      • Deleting a database is a permanent action which you can’t reverse.

      To delete a Couchbase Capella database:

      1. Open the Settings page for your database:

        1. With the Projects tab in your organization open, click the project with the database you’re working with.

        2. With the Databases tab open, select your database.

        3. Click the Settings tab.

      2. Click Delete Database.

      3. Confirm the database delete request:

        1. In the confirmation field, type delete.

        2. Click Delete Database.

      Once you delete a database, it’s queued for automatic deletion and remains visible with the Destroying status. This process can take up to 15 minutes.