Create a Search Index Alias with the Capella UI

  • how-to
    Use a Search index alias to run a Search query across multiple buckets, scopes, or Search indexes.

    For more information about Search index aliases, see Create Search Index Aliases.


    • You have the Search Service enabled on a node in your database. For more information about how to change Services on your database, see Modify a Database.

    • You have created at least one Search index. For more information, see Create a Basic Search Index in Advanced Mode.

    • You have logged in to the Couchbase Capella UI.


    To create a Search index alias with the Capella UI:

    1. On the Databases page, select the database where you want to create a Search index alias.

    2. Go to Data Tools  Search.

    3. Click Create Search Alias.

    4. In the Alias Name field, enter a name for your Search index alias.

    5. In the Target Indexes list, select each Search index that you want to add to the index alias.

    6. Click Create Alias.

    Next Steps

    To customize a Search index, see Search Index Features.

    To run a search and test the contents of your Search index or Search index alias, see Run A Simple Search with the Capella UI.