Create Search Index Aliases

  • concept
    A Search index alias lets you run a Search query against a Search index without using the original Search index name.

    You can also use a Search index alias to run a Search query across multiple buckets, scopes, or Search indexes. The Search Service runs the Search query on each Search index in the alias, and returns a merged set of results.

    Search index aliases are useful when you need to update an existing Search index.

    For example, say you had a Search index, old-index, and an alias, my-alias.

    If you wanted to make updates to old-index, you could add it to the alias my-alias. If you created a clone of old-index, then made your updates, you could replace old-index in the alias my-alias.

    Using a Search index alias lets you edit old-index without any downtime.

    For more information about how to create a Search index alias, see Create a Search Index Alias with the Capella UI.