Configure Log Streaming for an App Endpoint

      Enhance your App Services log streaming with a granular set of Log Filters and Levels for each App Endpoint.

      App Endpoint Level Config

      You can configure Log Streaming on a per-App Endpoint basis. This allows you to choose a more granular configuration of Log Filters and Log Levels than the preset default for the App Service.

      Changing configuration of Log Level or Log Filters causes your App Endpoint to go offline briefly. This can result in temporary downtime for client applications.

      Schedule your updates to log streaming configuration to coincide with maintenance windows or periods of low activity, to reduce the impact on client connectivity.

      Log Levels

      Log levels are inclusive, meaning e.g. the default Info level includes the information at the lower Warning and Error levels.

      Info (default)

      Logs messages about normal operations. Includes details on application level errors (such as HTTP 404, HTTP 403) that may merit user intervention, depending on the user’s application design.


      Logs warning messages. In Capella, warning messages are system related warnings that are very likely to be handled automatically by Capella itself and do not need end user intervention.


      Logs error messages. In Capella, error messages are system related warnings that are very likely to be handled automatically by Capella itself and do not need end user intervention..

      See the Filtering section for finer grained control of the log stream.


      The preset App Service configuration includes a number of default filters, which will suit most general needs.

      Enabling additional filters will generally result in a larger volume of logs streamed, which will incur higher egress charges.

      The Log Filters are as follows:


      Logs about admin processes in App Services.


      Logs about any authentication processes in App Services.


      Logs related to App Services bucket interactions.

      Cache (default)

      Logs related to App Services in-memory channel cache.

      Changes (default)

      Logs related to processing /{db}/_changes requests.

      CRUD (default)

      Logs about document updates, made by App Services.


      Logs related to DCP processing.


      Logs related to event processing through App Services webhooks.

      HTTP (default)

      Logs for all requests made to the App Services REST API.

      HTTP+ (default)

      Additional information about HTTP logs (response times, status codes).


      Logs related to document imports.


      Logs for any JavaScript functions, running in App Services.

      Query (default)

      Logs about SQL++ queries in App Services.


      Logs for any sync activity between Couchbase Lite clients and App Services.


      Additional information about Sync logs.

      Only enable non-default filters per-App Endpoint to cover specific observability and troubleshooting needs.