Manage Projects

    Create and manage projects to organize and allow access to Couchbase clusters.

    The purpose of a project is to organize and manage access to groups of Couchbase clusters. For more information about projects, refer to Projects Overview.

    Accessing Projects in the Capella UI

    Projects can be viewed and managed from the Projects tab in the main navigation. A summary of all projects — of which you are a member — is displayed in table format.

    Users with the Organization Owner organization role automatically have a Project Owner role for all projects in their organization, so they will see all of the organization’s projects listed in the project summary.

    If your user has the Organization Owner or Project Creator organization roles, you will see an option to create a project.

    The 'Projects' tab showing a table of multiple projects, each with different Support Plans.

    Projects Summary

    The Projects tab shows a summary of all the projects in the organization where you are a member. The summary is a table format, with a sortable name column and a row for each project.

    The project summary displays the following information about each project:


    The name of the project.


    The number of clusters in the project.

    A Trash icon shown at the end of each row allows you to delete the project.

    Create a Project

    To create a project, you must have either the Organization Owner or Project Creator organization roles.

    1. From the Projects tab, on the right side of the page, click Create Project.

      This opens the Create a Project fly-out menu.

    2. Provide a name for the project.

      In the Project Name field, enter a name for your project.

    3. Click Create a Project.

      The fly-out menu will close and you will return to the project summary page.

    4. Open the new project by clicking on its name.

      Since there are not yet any clusters in the new project, you will see options to connect a self-managed cluster and create a cluster.

    Delete a Project

    Deleting a project is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.


    • You have the Project Owner role for the project in question. Note that users with the Organization Owner organization role automatically have a Project Owner role for all projects in the organization, so they can also delete projects.

    • You have deleted all clusters in the project. Couchbase Capella does not allow the deletion of a project if it contains clusters. If clusters are present in the project, options for deleting the project are disabled.


    1. From the Projects tab, find the project that you wish to delete.

    2. Click the Trash icon at the end of the row on the right side.

      This opens the Delete project fly-out menu.

      If the Trash icon is disabled, this indicates that there are remaining clusters in the project. Once you have deleted all remaining clusters in the project, the Trash icon will be enabled.
    3. Confirm the delete action.

      1. Verify that the correct project is selected.

      2. In the provided field, type the name of the project.

      3. Click Confirm.

        A small notification will confirm that the project has been deleted.