Supported Queries

      With Full Text Search you can perform queries on Full Text Indexes. You can perform the queries either by using Couchbase Web Console, the Couchbase REST API, SQL++ (using search functions in the Query service), or the Couchbase SDK.

      Query-Specification Options

      Full Text Search allows a range of query options. These include:

      • Input-text and target-text can be analyzed: this transforms input-text into token-streams, according to different specified criteria, so allowing richer and more finely controlled forms of text-matching.

      • The fuzziness of a query can be specified so that the scope of matches can be constrained to a particular level of exactitude. A high degree of fuzziness means that a large number of partial matches may be returned.

      • Multiple queries can be specified for simultaneous processing, with one given a higher boost than another, so ensuring that its results are returned at the top of the set.

      • Regular expressions and wildcards can be used in text-specification for search-input.

      • Compound queries can be designed, such that appropriate conjunction or disjunction of the total result-set can be returned.

      For information on how to execute queries, see Searching from the UI.

      This section includes the following supported queries: