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Request Timeout


    The request timed out because it could not be completed in the time given in the request (or the query engine timeout, if one was specified when starting the query engine).

      $ curl -v http://localhost:8093/query/service \
    -d "statement=SELECT text FROM tweets LIMIT 1&timeout=1ms"
         < HTTP/1.1 200 OK
         "requestID": "cb7b070d-3faa-4ee3-a9ed-bfa97a965d6b",
         "signature": {
         "text": "json"
         "errors": [
         "code": $lt;int$gt;,
         "msg": "The request resulted in timeout"
         "status": "timeout",
         "metrics": {
         "elapsedTime": "1.347944ms",
         "executionTime": "1.305518ms",
         "resultCount": 0,
         "resultSize": 0,
         "mutationCount": 0,
         "errorCount": 0,
         "warningCount": 0