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      Resets the Couchbase Server cipher suites to the default


      couchbase-cli reset-cipher-suites [--force] [--port <port>]


      This command is used to reset the cipher suites to the default for Couchbase Server. This command should only be used when the cipher have been configured in a way that breaks remote access. The cipher suit can be managed using the setting-security command.

      The reset-cipher-suites command must be run locally on a node that is part of the cluster (i.e. must connect to the node the command is run on). This is required, as the cluster and ciphers suits could be configured in a way that disables remote access. reset-cipher-suites uses the local authentication token as a result the user that execute the command needs to have read access to the local Couchbase Server configuration files.



      It reset the cipher suites without asking for confirmation.


      Specify the REST API port of the locally running Couchbase Server. If no port is specified the default port 8091 is used.


      To reset the cipher suites to the default:

      $ couchbase-cli reset-cipher-suites

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