Deleting a Reference

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    To delete an XDCR reference to a target cluster, use the DELETE /pools/default/remoteClusters/ HTTP method and URI.


    Deletes an existing XDCR reference to a target cluster. To be deleted, the reference cannot be in support of any ongoing replication. After deletion, replications to the corresponding target cluster cannot be created, until a new reference is created.

    The Full Admin, Cluster Admin, or XDCR Admin role is required.

    HTTP method and URI

    DELETE /pools/default/remoteClusters/<target-cluster-name>

    The target-cluster-name must be the local name already established for the target cluster whose reference is to be deleted. See Create a Reference.

    Curl Syntax

    curl -v -X DELETE -u <username>:<password>


    Success returns 200 OK, and the message "ok".

    An attempt to delete a reference that supports a current, ongoing replication returns 400 Bad Request and the message: {"_":"Cannot delete remote cluster `TargetCluster` since it is referenced by replications [2b5dcd1b0101a9d52f31a802d8c4231e/travel-sample/ts]"} (where 2b5dcd1b0101a9d52f31a802d8c4231e is the universally unique identifier for the reference, travel-sample is the source bucket, and ts is the target bucket).

    An improperly specified URI returns 405 Method Not Allowed. Failure to authenticate returns 401 Unauthorized.


    The following example deletes an existing reference to the locally named cluster TargetCluster.

    curl -X DELETE -u Administrator:password \

    If successful, execution returns the following message:


    See Also

    A complete overview of XDCR is provided in Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR). Further examples of reference deletion — by means of UI, CLI, and REST API — are provided in Delete a Reference.