Canceling Rebalance Retries

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    HTTP method and URI

    POST /controller/cancelRebalanceRetry/<rebalance-id>


    This cancels a sequence of one or more pending rebalance retries.

    For an overview of rebalance and rebalance retries, see Rebalance.

    Curl Syntax

    curl -X POST -u <administrator>:<password>

    Prior to using this command, the rebalance-id must be obtained by means of the GET /pools/default/pendingRetryRebalance http method and URI; as described in Get Rebalance-Retry Status.


    Success gives 200 OK. Failure to authenticate gives 401 Unauthorized. A malformed URI gives 404 Object Not Found.


    The following example cancels a retry-sequence whose id is ff5845cdce693db2dce9a9308cbf885d:

    curl -u Administrator:password -v -X POST \

    See Also

    For an overview of rebalance with the Data Service and other services, see Rebalance. For practical examples of adding a node, rebalancing, and cancelling rebalance retries, see Add a Node and Rebalance. For information on using the REST API to retrieve current rebalance-retry status, see Get Rebalance-Retry Status.

    For information on configuring rebalance-retry settings, see Configure Rebalance Retries. For information on obtaining and reading rebalance reports, see the Rebalance Reference.