Built-in Utility Functions

  • concept
    Utility functions are available that can be used within map() and reduce() functions.

    Couchbase Server incorporates different utility functions beyond the core JavaScript functionality that can be used within map() and reduce() functions where relevant.

    • dateToArray(date)

    Converts a JavaScript Date object or a valid date string such as "2012-07-30T23:58:22.193Z" into an array of individual date components. For example, the previous string would be converted into a JavaScript array:

    [2012, 7, 30, 23, 58, 22]

    The function can be particularly useful when building views using dates as the key where the use of a reduce function is being used for counting or rollup.

    Currently, the function works only on UTC values. Timezones are not supported.

    • decodeBase64(doc)

    Converts a binary (base64) encoded value stored in the database into a string. This can be useful if you want to output or parse the contents of a document that has not been identified as a valid JSON value.

    • sum(array)

    When supplied with an array containing numerical values, each value is summed and the resulting total is returned.

    For example: