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Match Query


      A term without any other syntax is interpreted as a match query for the term in the default field. The default field is _all.

      For example, pool performs match query for the term pool.

      A match query analyzes input text and uses the results to query an index. Options include specifying an analyzer, performing a fuzzy match, and performing a prefix match.

      By default, the analyzer used for the search text is what was set for the specified field during index creation. For information on analyzers, see Understanding Analyzers.

      If the field is not specified, the match query will target the _all field within the index. Including content within the _all field is a setting during index creation.

      When fuzzy matching is used, if the single parameter is set to a non-zero integer, the analyzed text is matched with a corresponding level of fuzziness. The maximum supported fuzziness is 2.

      When a prefix match is used, the prefix_length parameter specifies that for a match to occur, a prefix of specified length must be shared by the input-term and the target text-element.

      When an operator field is used, the operator decides the boolean logic used to interpret the text in the match field.

      For example, an operator value of "and" means the match query text would be treated like location AND hostel. The default operator value of "or" means the match query text would be treated like location OR hostel.

      A demonstration of the match query using the Java SDK can be found in Searching from the SDK.


      The following JSON object demonstrates the specification of a match query:

       "match": "location hostel",
       "field": "reviews.content",
       "analyzer": "standard",
       "fuzziness": 2,
       "prefix_length": 4,
       "operator": "and"