Follow this process to install Couchbase Server.
    Table 1. Installing Couchbase Server
    Step Action Description

    Step 1

    Review the system requirements and deployment guidelines

    Couchbase Server has a set of system requirements and deployment guidelines that vary depending on your deployment. Make sure that you plan your environment accordingly before installation.

    System Requirements

    Deployment Guidelines

    Step 2

    Install Couchbase Server on each node in the cluster

    Couchbase is a clustered database and requires that Couchbase Server is installed and running on each node before joining them together into a cluster.

    Installing on Linux

    Installing on Mac OS X

    Installing on Windows

    Step 3

    Verify the installation and node availability

    After installing Couchbase Server on a node, you can do a basic verification of the installation by confirming access to the Couchbase Server Web Console. You can also do other advanced verifications, depending on your needs.

    Verifying the Couchbase Server Installation

    Step 4

    Initialize the Couchbase Server cluster

    After you install Couchbase Server on all of the nodes, you need to join them together into a cluster.

    Create a Cluster