Developer Intro


      This section contains tutorials, how-to guides, and information about Couchbase Services to help you develop applications. It also provides links to the documentation for software development kits and other integrations.

      Developer Tutorial

      This tutorial provides an introductory worked example for developers, showing how to use a software development kit with a simple database.


      Choose how you want to connect your app to Couchbase Server.


      Use the Data Service for key-value (CRUD) operations and to import or export data.


      Use the Query Service and the Index Service to issue SQL++ queries to extract and manipulate data.

      Vector Search

      Vector Search builds on the Search Service to provide support for vector indexes. You can use vector indexes with existing Large Language Models to develop AI applications.


      Use the Search Service for full-text search with natural language processing across multiple data types and languages. Use custom text analysis, Geospatial search, and more.


      Use the Eventing Service to respond to changes to your data in near real-time. Execute custom code in response to mutations, or as scheduled by timers.


      Use the Analytics Service for online analytical processing (OLAP) for large datasets, with complex analytical or ad hoc queries.


      Couchbase offers numerous software development kits (SDKs) that provide programmatic access to Couchbase Server.


      Integrations that Couchbase or partners have developed to enhance Couchbase Server and partner services — a vital tool for many larger development projects.