Developer’s Intro


    This section contains tutorials, how-to guides, and information about Couchbase Services to help you develop applications. It also provides links to the documentation for software development kits and starter kits.

    Developer Tutorial

    This tutorial provides an introductory worked example for developers, showing how to use a software development kit with a simple database.

    Developer Guides

    These how-to guides walk you through common tasks for Couchbase Server development, such as storing, retrieving, and querying documents.


    Couchbase offers numerous software development kits (SDKs) that provide programmatic access to Couchbase Server.

    Starter Kits

    Starter kits are repositories containing example code to get you started with various development projects.

    Query Service Information

    The Query Service enables you to issue queries to extract data from Couchbase clusters. You can also issue queries for defining indexes and data manipulation.

    Search Service Information

    The Search Service (Full Text Search or FTS) enables you to create and manage full-text indexes, and provides extensive capabilities for natural-language and geospatial queries.

    Eventing Service Information

    The Eventing Service provides near real-time handling of changes to data. It enables you to execute code either in response to mutations, or as scheduled by timers.

    Analytics Service Information

    The Analytics Service is a parallel data management capability for Couchbase Server, designed to run ad-hoc, analytical queries efficiently over many records.