Creating a Scope

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    Scopes can be created, by means of the REST API.


    Scopes are created by means of the POST /pools/default/buckets/<bucket_name>/scopes/ HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP Method and URI

    POST /pools/default/buckets/<bucket_name>/scopes

    Curl Syntax

    The curl syntax is as follows:

    curl -X POST -v -u [admin]:[password]
      -d name=<scope-name>

    The <bucket-name> path-parameter specifies the bucket within which the new scope is to be created. The name parameter specifies the name of the scope to be created: this name cannot subsequently be changed.


    Success returns 200 OK. Failure to authenticate gives 401 Unauthorized. A malformed URI fails with 404 Object Not Found. If the scope-name is improperly specified, a notification such as "name":"Length must be in range from 1 to 30" or "name":"Can only contain characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the following symbols _ - %" is displayed. See Naming for Scopes and Collections, for an account of naming conventions.


    The following call creates a scope named my_scope in the bucket testBucket:

    curl -X POST -v -u Administrator:password \ \
    -d name=my_scope

    If successful, the call returns a uid, such as the following:


    See Also

    An overview of scopes and collections is provided in Scopes and Collections. Step-by-step procedures for management are provided in Manage Scopes and Collections. See also the CLI reference page for the collection-manage command.