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Fuzzy Query


      A fuzzy query matches terms within a specified edit (or Levenshtein) distance: meaning that terms are considered to match when they are to a specified degree similar, rather than exact. A common prefix of a stated length may be also specified as a requirement for matching.

      The fuzzy query is a non-analytic query, meaning it won’t perform any text analysis on the query text.

      Fuzziness is specified by means of a single integer. For example:

       "term": "interest",
       "field": "reviews.content",
       "fuzziness": 2

      A demonstration of Fuzziness using the Java SDK, in the context of the term query (see below) can be found in Searching from the SDK.

      Two such queries are specified, with the difference in fuzziness between them resulting in different forms of match, and different sizes of result-sets.