Manage Settings

      Couchbase-Server settings can be established by the administrator.

      Settings Overview

      The settings for Couchbase Server can be accessed via Couchbase Web Console. Left-click on the Settings tab, in the left-hand navigation menu:


      By default, this brings up the General settings panel. Along the upper, horizontal control-bar, multiple tabs appear, from which different settings-categories can be selected:


      The tabs are:

      • General. Allows configuration of name, memory quotas, storage modes, and node availability for the cluster; and of advanced settings for the Index and Query Services These are described in General.

      • Auto compaction, whereby data on the server is automatically compacted if specified thresholds are met. These are described in Auto-Compaction.

      • Alerts, whereby users can be notified of critical system-events. These are described in Alerts.

      • Sample buckets, whereby buckets pre-populated with documents can be installed, for the purpose of experimentation and testing. These are described in Sample Buckets.