Logging Client-Side Errors

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    Client-side errors can be written to a log file.

    HTTP method and URI

    POST /logClientError


    If a client experiences an error, a corresponding entry can be written to the info.log log file, which is maintained by Couchbase Server in the standard, platform-specific location — see Log-File Locations.

    This method and URI can be used by any Couchbase-Server role.

    Curl Syntax

    curl -X POST http://<ip-address-or-domain-name>:8091/logClientError
      -u <username>:<password>


    Success returns 200 OK. Failure to authenticate returns 401 Unauthorized. An incorrectly specified URI returns 404 Object Not Found.


    The following call logs a client error:

    curl -X POST http://localhost:8091/logClientError -u Administrator:password

    Following successful execution, the log file info.log can be checked as follows:

    $ grep "client" info.log
    [menelaus:warn,2023-06-06T16:43:11.136Z,ns_1@<0.19779.51>:menelaus_web:log_client_error:1115]Client-side error-report for user "<ud>Administrator</ud>" on node 'ns_1@':

    See Also

    Logging, redaction, and file upload are described at Manage Logging. This also provides a list of log-files, and a description of how to use logging with Couchbase Web Console. It also provides an introduction to managing logging with the CLI.