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Server Groups API

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    The Server Groups REST API manages Server Group Awareness. This enables logical server-groupings to be defined across the cluster: each group may be physically located on a specific rack or availability zone.

    APIs in this Section

    Server Group Awareness, which is only available in Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition, provides enhanced availability. Specifically, it protects a cluster from large-scale infrastructure failure, through the definition of groups. Each group is created by an appropriately authorized administrator, and specified to contain a subset of the nodes within a Couchbase Cluster. Following group-definition and rebalance, the active vBuckets for any defined bucket are located on one group, while the corresponding replicas are located on another group. This allows Group Failover to be enabled, so that if an entire group goes offline, its replica vBuckets, which remain available on another group, can be automatically promoted to active status.

    For a complete conceptual overview, see Server Group Awareness. For information on Couchbase Role-Based Access Control, see Roles.

    For a list of all methods and URIs covered in this section, see the table provided below.

    HTTP Method URI Documented at



    Getting Group Information



    Creating Groups



    Adding Nodes to Groups



    Renaming Groups



    Updating Group Membership



    Deleting Groups