Setting Recovery Type

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    Node recover type is set with the POST /controller/setRecoverType HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    Sets the recovery type to be performed for a node. Recovery options are delta node recovery or full recovery. The recovery type for a node is set after the node is failed over and before rebalance. Rebalance is required to apply the recovery.

    POST /controller/setRecoveryType

    The progress of setting recovery type can be tracked just like rebalance. After the data is persisted to disk and replicas are up-to-date, the node is put into the failed over state.


    POST /controller/setRecoveryType


    The following Curl request example sets delta node recovery.

    curl -u Administrator:password -d 'otpNode=ns_1@' -d 'recoveryType=delta' \

    Response codes

    200       // Request succeeded
    400       // recoveryType and/or otpNode could not be understood by the server
    404       // The cluster is running in a pre-3.0 compatibility mode and thus
                 cannot satisfy the request