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XDCR Reference

      XDCR can be configured by means of Advanced Settings, and the replicated content determined through Advanced Filtering Expressions. This section provides a reference to each.

      XDCR Settings and Filtering Expressions

      XDCR (Cross Datacenter Replication) allows data to be replicated across clusters that are potentially locaed in different datacenters. For a conceptual overview, see Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR). For information on managing XDCR, see XDCR Management Overview.

      XDCR replications are supported by:

      • Advanced Settings. The performance of XDCR can be fine-tuned, by means of configuration-settings, specified when a replication is defined. These settings modify compression, source and target nozzles (worker threads), checkpoints, counts, sizes, network usage limits, and more. A detailed reference is provided in XDCR Advanced Settings.

      • Advanced Filtering. This allows specified subsets of documents to be replicated from the source bucket. Subsets are determined by achieving matches on fields and their values, within documents. Matches are established by means of Regular Expressions and Filtering Expressions. General configuration information is provided in XDCR Advanced Filtering.

        Matches that involve different data types are handled implicitly, through either data-type conversion or collation comparison. The procedures, as they apply to different data-type combinations, are described in XDCR Data-Type Conversion.