CLI Reference

      Couchbase Server command-line interface (CLI) tools are provided to manage and monitor clusters, servers, vBuckets, XDCR, and so on.

      By default, the CLI tools are installed into the following locations on each platform:

      Operating System Directory Locations


      /opt/couchbase/bin, /opt/couchbase/bin/install, and /opt/couchbase/bin/tools


      C:\Program Files\couchbase\server\bin, C:\Program Files\couchbase\server\bin\install, and C:\Program Files\couchbase\server\bin\tools.

      Mac OS X




      Managing diagnostics

      The command-line interface provides commands to start, stop, and report status for log collection. You can collect diagnostics through the command-line interface by using either the couchbase-cli tool or the cbcollect_info cbcollect_info tool.

      Server Tools Packages

      For convenience, the following EE Server utilities are also available in a tools package that you can download — cbimport, cbexport, and cbbackupmgr. This allows developers, testers, and others to use the tools from machines on which Couchbase Server is not installed.

      Download the command line tools package for your platform through the following links:

      Unzip or untar the packages, and the binaries are ready to run. For example:

      tar -xf couchbase-server-tools_7.6.0-linux_x86_64.tar.gz

      Each package also contains a README file, and a copy of the software license.

      Note that on Windows, a recent Microsoft Visual C Redistributable must already have been installed. Download the latest Visual C Redistributable from Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest supported downloads.

      Version Compatibility

      The versions of the utilities are the same as the Couchbase Server versions that the utilities are from.

      The 7.6.0 cbimport, cbexport, and cbbackupmgr utilities can be run against the following Couchbase Server versions:

      • 7.6.0

      • 7.2.x

      • 7.1.x

      • 7.0.x