Rotating the Data Key

      The data key can be rotated, by means of the REST API.

      HTTP Method and URI

      POST /node/controller/rotateDataKey


      This command rotates the data key. The Full Admin, Local User Security Admin, or External User Security Admin role is required.

      Curl Syntax

      curl -X POST
        -u Administrator:password


      Success returns 200 OK. Failure to authenticate due to incorrect credentials returns 401 Unauthorized. Attempt to authenticate with the wrong role returns 403 Forbidden, and a message such as {"message":"Forbidden. User needs the following permissions","permissions":["!write"]}. An incorrectly expressed URI fails with 404 Object Not Found.


      The following example rotates the data key.

      curl -v -X POST http://localhost:8091/node/controller/rotateDataKey -u Administrator:password

      See Also

      For a full description of system secrets and their management, see Manage System Secrets.