Getting Cluster Rebalance Reason Codes

      When the cluster/bucket/service needs to be rebalanced, you can retrieve the reason for the rebalance using the 'GET /pools/default' method.

      HTTP method and URI

      GET /pools/default


      At any point that the service needs rebalancing, you can use this method to obtain a detailed description of the reasons that the rebalance is required.

      The reason code(s) can be one or more of the following:

      • Service isn’t balanced.

      • Servers aren’t balanced.

      • The number of replicas has changed.

      • The bucket map isn’t balanced.

      The service returns the reason code only if a rebalance is required.

      Curl Syntax

      curl -v -X GET -u [admin]:[password]


      On success, the response code 200 OK is given, and one or more reason codes are givem in the returned message.

      Returned JSON object (truncated)
        "name": "default",
        "rebalanceStatus": "none",
        "rebalanceProgressUri": "/pools/default/rebalanceProgress",
        "stopRebalanceUri": "/controller/stopRebalance?uuid=8a05ca2847bc28ac92a484c9248fb261",
        "nodeStatusesUri": "/nodeStatuses",
        "nodeServicesUri": "/pools/default/nodeServices?v=89141026",
        "maxBucketCount": 30,
        "maxCollectionCount": 1200,
        "maxScopeCount": 1200,
        "minReplicasCount": 0,
        "tasks": {
          "uri": "/pools/default/tasks?v=86199101"
        "servicesNeedRebalance": [
            "code": "service_not_balanced",
            "description": "Service needs rebalance.",
            "services": [
        "bucketsNeedRebalance": [
            "code": "servers_not_balanced",
            "description": "Servers of bucket are not balanced.",
            "buckets": [
            "code": "num_replicas_changed",
            "description": "Number of replicas for bucket has changed.",
            "buckets": ["default", "travel-sample"]
            "code": "servers_not_balanced",
            "description": "Bucket map needs rebalance.",
            "buckets": ["travel-sample"]
        "serverGroupsUri": "/pools/default/serverGroups?v=20914152"

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