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    Provides low-level details on collections.


    cbstats host:11210 [common options] collections-details [vbucket-reference]


    This command is used to provide low-level details on collections, for a specified bucket. This includes details identifying the existing collections; and vBucket-specific details, which include sequence numbers and item counts.


    The optional vbucket-reference parameter is an integer, in the range of 0 to 1023 inclusive, specifying a particular vBucket. If a vBucket is specified, the only details returned are the vBucket-specific details for that vBucket. If no vBucket is specified, vBucket-specific details for all vBuckets are returned, as well as details identifying the existing collections for the bucket.

    For information on returning a vbucket-reference that corresponds to a particular document id, see the section Examples: Find vBucket IDs, on the reference page for the cbstats command key. For common cbstats options, see cbstats.


    The following command retrieves collections-details on all vBuckets for the administrator-created bucket testBucket:

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats localhost:11210 \
    -u Administrator -p password \
    -b testBucket collections-details

    The initial section of the output is as follows:

    0x0:0x0:history:                                                             false
     0x0:0x0:metered:                                                             no
     0x0:0x0:name:                                                                _default
     0x0:0xa:history:                                                             false
     0x0:0xa:maxTTL:                                                              0
     0x0:0xa:metered:                                                             no
     0x0:0xa:name:                                                                MyFirstCollection
     0x0:0xb:history:                                                             false
     0x0:0xb:maxTTL:                                                              0
     0x0:0xb:metered:                                                             no
     0x0:0xb:name:                                                                MySecondCollection
     0x8:0x8:history:                                                             false
     0x8:0x8:maxTTL:                                                              0
     0x8:0x8:metered:                                                             no
     0x8:0x8:name:                                                                _mobile
     0x8:0x9:history:                                                             false
     0x8:0x9:maxTTL:                                                              0
     0x8:0x9:metered:                                                             no
     0x8:0x9:name:                                                                _query
     manifest_uid:                                                                3
     vb_0:0x0:disk_size:                                                          0
     vb_0:0x0:high_seqno:                                                         0
     vb_0:0x0:history:                                                            false
     vb_0:0x0:items:                                                              0
     vb_0:0x0:name:                                                               _default
     vb_0:0x0:persisted_high_seqno:                                               0

    Each line of the output presents a data key. Each key is of the format scopeID : collectionID : datumLabel. Each scopeID or collectionID is a hexadecimal number, prefixed by 0x. Each datumLabel is a string. Each data key is concluded with a colon, and the associated value is presented to the right of the colon.

    Existing collections are identified by name. Each is identified with hexadecimal numbers: the _default collection is identified as 0x0 (residing within scope 0x0); and the other two as 0x8 and 0x9 respectively (both residing within scope 0x8).

    The collection’s history line indicates whether a change history is made for the collection: true indicates that a change history is being made, and false indicates that it is not. (Note that the value can only be true when Magma has been configured as the storage engine for the bucket: see Creating and Editing Buckets.)

    The maxTTL line indicates whether a Time To Live has been specified for the collection, and if so, its value. For information, see Expiration.

    The metered line is not used in Couchbase Server Version 7.6, and always has the value 0.

    The manifest_uid value is associated with the current state of collections on the node; and will be incremented whenever a collections-related change is made.

    Subsequent information in the output relates to each vBucket corresponding to testBucket, on the current node. The vBuckets are numbered, from vb_0 to vb_1023. For each vBucket, information is provided on sequence numbers and total items.

    The following command, which again refers to testBucket, specifies a vbucket-reference; thereby returning information on the specified vBucket only.

    /opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats localhost:11210 \
    -u Administrator -p password \
    -b testBucket collections-details 8

    Details for vBucket 8 are duly returned:

    vb_8:0x0:disk_size:                                                 0
     vb_8:0x0:high_seqno:                                                0
     vb_8:0x0:history:                                                   false
     vb_8:0x0:items:                                                     0
     vb_8:0x0:name:                                                      _default
     vb_8:0x0:persisted_high_seqno:                                      0
     vb_8:0x0:scope:                                                     0x0
     vb_8:0x0:start_seqno:                                               0
     vb_8:0x8:disk_size:                                                 92
     vb_8:0x8:high_seqno:                                                3
     vb_8:0x8:history:                                                   false
     vb_8:0x8:items:                                                     0
     vb_8:0x8:maxTTL:                                                    0
     vb_8:0x8:name:                                                      _mobile
     vb_8:0x8:persisted_high_seqno:                                      3
     vb_8:0x8:scope:                                                     0x8
     vb_8:0x8:start_seqno:                                               3
     vb_8:0x9:disk_size:                                                 89
     vb_8:0x9:high_seqno:                                                2
     vb_8:0x9:history:                                                   false
     vb_8:0x9:items:                                                     0
     vb_8:0x9:maxTTL:                                                    0
     vb_8:0x9:name:                                                      _query
     vb_8:0x9:persisted_high_seqno:                                      2
     vb_8:0x9:scope:                                                     0x8
     vb_8:0x9:start_seqno:                                               2
     vb_8:0xa:disk_size:                                                 105
     vb_8:0xa:high_seqno:                                                4
     vb_8:0xa:history:                                                   false
     vb_8:0xa:items:                                                     0
     vb_8:0xa:maxTTL:                                                    0
     vb_8:0xa:name:                                                      MyFirstCollection
     vb_8:0xa:persisted_high_seqno:                                      4
     vb_8:0xa:scope:                                                     0x0
     vb_8:0xa:start_seqno:                                               4
     vb_8:0xb:disk_size:                                                 105
     vb_8:0xb:high_seqno:                                                5
     vb_8:0xb:history:                                                   false
     vb_8:0xb:items:                                                     0
     vb_8:0xb:maxTTL:                                                    0
     vb_8:0xb:name:                                                      MySecondCollection
     vb_8:0xb:persisted_high_seqno:                                      5
     vb_8:0xb:scope:                                                     0x0
     vb_8:0xb:start_seqno:                                               5
     vb_8:collections:                                                   5
     vb_8:manifest:uid:                                                  3
     vb_8:manifest:uidvb_8:default_mvs:                                  0
     vb_8:manifest:uidvb_8:default_mvsvb_8:default_legacy_max_dcp_seqno: 0

    See Also

    For an overview of scopes and collections, see Scopes and Collections.

    For a step-by-step explanation of creating scopes and collections with the CLI, see Manage Scopes and Collections with the CLI. For a comparable explanation with the REST API, see Manage Scopes and Collections with the REST API.

    For information on Time To Live, see Expiration.

    To use cbstats to provide higher-level information on collections, see the reference page for the collections command.

    For information on establishing a change history for collections within a bucket, see see Creating and Editing Buckets.