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Enabling Couchbase Server Services

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    Couchbase Server services are enabled when adding or joining a node to a cluster.


    Adding a node syntax:

    curl -u [admin]:[password]
      -d "hostname=[IPaddress]&user=[admin]&password=[password]"
      -d "services=[kv | index | n1ql | fts | cbas | eventing | backup ]"

    Joining a node to a cluster:

    curl -u [admin]:[password] -d clusterMemberHostIp=[ip-address]
      -d clusterMemberPort=[port]
      -d user=[admin] -d password=[password]
      -d "services=[kv | index | n1ql | fts | cbas | eventing | backup]"


    This command is used to add a node to a cluster and specify the service. If a service is not specified, the data service (kv) will be added by default.

    When enabling services, ensure that you set the appropriate memory quota parameters as follows:

    curl -X POST -u Administrator:password \ \
      -d 'memoryQuota=256' \
      -d 'indexMemoryQuota=256' \
      -d 'ftsMemoryQuota=512' \
      -d 'cbasMemoryQuota=1048' \
      -d 'eventingMemoryQuota=512'

    HTTP method and URI

    POST /controller/addNode
    POST /node/controller/doJoinCluster


    Adding a node:

    curl -u Administrator:password \ \
      -d 'hostname=' \
      -d 'services=index'

    Joining a node to a cluster:

    curl -u Administrator:password -d clusterMemberHostIp= \
      -d 'clusterMemberPort=8091' \
      -d 'user=admin' -d 'password=password' \ \
      -d 'services=index'