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    Auto-failover can be managed by means of the REST API.

    APIs in this Section

    The APIs described in this section support Automatic Failover —- or auto-failover; which can be configured to fail over one or more nodes automatically. No immediate administrator-intervention is required. Specifically, the Cluster Manager autonomously detects and verifies that the nodes are unresponsive, and then initiates the hard failover process. Auto-failover does not fix or identify problems that may have occurred. Once appropriate fixes have been applied to the cluster by the administrator, a rebalance is required. Auto-failover is always hard failover.

    A complete overview of auto-failover is provided in Automatic Failover.

    The APIs for auto-failover are listed in the following table.

    HTTP Method URI Documented at



    Retrieving Auto-Failover Settings



    Enabling and Disabling Auto-Failover



    Resetting Auto-Failover



    Setting Recovery Type

    Auto-Failover and Durability

    Couchbase Server provides durability, which ensures the greatest likelihood of data-writes surviving unexpected anomalies, such as node-outages. The auto-failover maximum should be established to support guarantees of durability. See Durability, for information.