Analytics Service Metrics

      A list of the metrics provided by the Analytics Service.

      The following Analytics Service metrics can be queried by means of the REST APIs described in Statistics.

      • The x.y.z badge shows the Couchbase Server version the metric was added in.

      • The type / unit badge shows shows the Prometheus type and unit (if present).

      cbas_io_reads_total     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of IO reads.

      cbas_io_writes_total     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of IO writes.

      cbas_heap_memory_committed_bytes     7.1.0 gauge

      Heap memory committed in bytes.

      cbas_heap_memory_used_bytes     7.0.0 gauge

      Heap memory used in bytes.

      cbas_direct_memory_used_bytes     7.0.2 gauge

      Direct memory used in bytes.

      cbas_virtual_buffer_cache_used_pages     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of used memory pages in the virtual buffer cache.

      cbas_gc_count_total     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of garbage collections.

      cbas_gc_time_milliseconds_total     7.0.0 gauge

      Total time of garbage collections in milliseconds.

      cbas_pending_flush_ops     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of pending flush operations.

      cbas_pending_merge_ops     7.0.0 gauge

      Total number of pending merge operations.

      cbas_pending_replicate_ops     7.1.0 gauge

      Total number of pending replication operations.

      cbas_disk_used_bytes_total     7.0.0 gauge

      Total disk used in bytes.

      cbas_thread_count     7.0.0 gauge

      Number of threads in use.

      cbas_system_load_average     7.0.0 gauge

      System work load.

      cbas_failed_to_parse_records_count     7.0.0 gauge

      Number of records which failed to parse.

      cbas_incoming_records_count     7.0.0 gauge

      Number of incoming records.