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Numeric Range Query


      A numeric range query finds documents containing a numeric value in the specified field within the specified range.

      Define the endpoints using the fields min and max. You can omit any one endpoint, but not both.

      The inclusive_min and inclusive_max properties control whether or not the endpoints are included or excluded.

      By default, min is inclusive and max is exclusive.

      A demonstration of the numeric range Query using the Java SDK can be found in Searching from the SDK.


       "min": 100, "max": 1000,
       "inclusive_min": false,
       "inclusive_max": false,
       "field": "id"

      Numeric Ranges

      You can specify numeric ranges with the >, >=, <, and <= operators, each followed by a numeric value.



      The above qeury performs numeric range query on the reviews.ratings.Cleanliness field, for values greater than 4.