Getting Rebalance Progress

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    The progress of rebalance can be ascertained with the GET /pools/default/rebalanceProgress HTTP method and URI.

    HTTP method and URI

    GET /pools/default/rebalanceProgress


    When one or more nodes have been brought into a cluster, or have been taken out of a cluster, rebalance is used to redistribute data, indexes, event processing, and query processing among available nodes. The ongoing progress of the rebalance operation can be retrieved.

    Curl Syntax

    curl -v -X GET -u [admin]:[password]


    Success gives the response code 200 OK, and returns an object containing information on the current status of the ongoing rebalance. See the examples provided below.


    In the following example, node has been added to a cluster of two nodes, which are and Rebalance is then initiated. During rebalance, progress is ascertained by means of the GET /pools/default/rebalanceProgress HTTP method and URI, with output being piped to the tool jq, to ensure readability.

    curl -u Administrator:password -v -X GET | jq '.'

    On success, the response code 200 OK is given, and the following object is returned:

      "status": "running",
      "ns_1@": {
        "progress": 0.1103515625
      "ns_1@": {
        "progress": 0.1095890410958904
      "ns_1@": {
        "progress": 0.3299120234604106

    The output thus features progress, specified as a ten-place floating-point number, for each of the three nodes. (Note that if Couchbase Web Console is simultaneously used to monitor the rebalance, these decimals are represented as 11.0%, 10.9%, and 32.9% respectively. See the example provided in Add a Node with the UI.)

    When rebalance has concluded, re-running the method returns the response code 200 OK, and the following object:

      "status": "none"

    See Also

    Examples of adding a node and rebalancing by means of the UI, CLI, and REST API are provided in Add a Node and Rebalance. A conceptual introduction to nodes is provided in Nodes. The REST method and URI for node-addition is provided in Adding Nodes to Clusters. The REST method and URI for rebalance is explained in Rebalancing Nodes.

    For additional information on retrieving status on ongoing cluster-tasks, including rebalance, see Getting Cluster Tasks. For information on obtaining and reading rebalance reports, see the Rebalance Reference.