Create a Search Index with the Quick Editor

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    Use the Quick Index editor in the Couchbase Server Web Console to create a Search index.

    The Quick Index editor lets you select the fields that you want to add to a Search index with a document in your database.

    The Quick Index editor works best when you need to create a basic Search index to start testing and prototyping with the Search Service. If you want to have greater control over how the Search Service returns results, such as changing your analyzer, see Create a Basic Search Index with the Web Console.

    You must create a Search index before you can run a search with the Search Service.


    • You have the Search Service enabled on a node in your database. For more information about how to deploy a new node and Services on your database, see Manage Nodes and Clusters.

    • You have a bucket with scopes and collections in your database. For more information about how to create a bucket, see Create a Bucket.

    • Your user account has the Search Admin role for the bucket where you want to create the index.

    • You have logged in to the Couchbase Server Web Console.


    To use the Couchbase Server Web Console’s Quick Editor to create a Search index:

    1. Go to Search.

    2. Click Quick Index.

    3. In the Index Name field, enter a name for the index.

      Your index name must start with an alphabetic character (a-z or A-Z). It can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, or 0-9), hyphens (-), or underscores (_).

      For Couchbase Server version 7.6 and later, your index name must be unique inside your selected bucket and scope. You cannot have 2 indexes with the same name inside the same bucket and scope.

    4. In the first Keyspace list, select the bucket where you want to create the index.

    5. In the second Keyspace list, select the scope where you want to create the index.

    6. In the third Keyspace list, select the collection where you want to create the index.

    7. In the Select Fields box, click a field in the document that you want to add to the index.

      You can randomly select a new document from your chosen keyspace by clicking Refresh above the Select Fields display.
    8. In the Type list, select the field’s data type.

      For more information about the available data types, see Field Data Types.

    9. Set the field’s options.

      For more information about the available field options, see Quick Index Field Options.

    10. Click Add.

    11. (Optional) Repeat the previous steps for each field you want to add to the Search index.

    12. Click Create Index.

    Next Steps

    You can customize your index with the standard Search index editor to improve your Search index’s performance and the quality of your search results.

    If you edit your Search index with the standard editor, you cannot return to Quick Mode and keep any advanced settings.

    To run a search and test the contents of your Search index, see Run A Simple Search with the Web Console or Run a Simple Search with the REST API and curl/HTTP. You can run a search before Indexing progress reaches 100% and return partial results.