Create a Search Index Alias with the Web Console

  • how-to
    Use a Search index alias to run a Search query across multiple buckets, scopes, or Search indexes.

    For more information about Search index aliases, see Create Search Index Aliases.



    To create a Search index alias with the Couchbase Server Web Console:

    1. Go to Search.

    2. Click Add Alias.

    3. In the Index Name field, enter a name for your Search index alias.

    4. In the Target Indexes list, use CTRL + click to select each Search index that you want to add to the index alias.

    5. Click Create Index Alias.

    Next Steps

    To customize a Search index, see Customize a Search Index with the Web Console.

    To run a search and test the contents of your Search index or Search index alias, see Run A Simple Search with the Web Console or Run a Simple Search with the REST API and curl/HTTP.