Deploy Couchbase Server Using Terraform on AWS

      Deploy Couchbase Server using Terraform modules developed by Gruntwork, a Couchbase technology partner.

      Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) technology that allows you to build, version, and deploy your datacenter resources in a descriptive manner, much like software source code. This makes Terraform uniquely suited for deploying Couchbase on AWS, because you can quickly organize and execute infrastructure code that maintains a Couchbase cloud environment to your exact specifications.

      Getting Started

      The best way to use Terraform with Couchbase is through the creation of modules.

      Modules are logical groupings of Terraform configuration files. Modules are intended to be shared and re-used across projects, but can also be used within a project to help better structure a complex service [like a distributed database] that includes many infrastructure components.

      To get you started quickly, and to avoid creating your own Terraform modules from scratch, Gruntwork (a Couchbase technology partner) has developed a set of fully-featured, open source modules that define an ideal set of infrastructure components for Couchbase. These modules support features like multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) and Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR), and even include a full test suite.

      Get started with Terraform modules from Gruntwork, available on GitHub.